Poll: Have you been experiencing bugs in Google’s Android apps recently?

Google can’t appear to get it together.

Google makes a lot of fantastic apps for mobile phones, whether they’re on iOS or the very best Android phones … that is, when they work. While no app designer is ideal and apps can typically experience bugs, Google can’t appear to get its apps and services together to simply work. Something crucial constantly appears to break, which can render some apps and even phones ineffective.

A number of Google-particular bugs have actually struck our radar today, and we need to know if you have actually handled any of them or possibly others.

Have you been experiencing Android or Wear OS bugs lately?

One pesky bug that’s afflicted users for a long time includes Google Messages declining to link to RCS, leaving users with no of the beneficial chat functions like real-time typing indications, checked out invoices, and high-resolution media. Instead, users discover that the app will be stuck confirming or attempting to link to the service without really doing so.

Another, perhaps more frustrating, bug relates to the Google Clock app. It might not appear as substantial, however lots of people count on the app for their alarm, which is the extremely thing being impacted. Many users declare that their alarms are no longer going off, even with the volume turned all the method up. Alarms typically will not reveal as upcoming either and will simply show as “missed” without really sounding.

The issue appears just to impact the Google Clock Android app and not Google clever screens like the Nest Hub (second Gen).

Other bugs we have actually observed just recently consist of an unusual one that consumes phone storage and another that triggers Pixel 3 phones to be stuck in EDL Mode, however obviously, there are most likely a lot of bugs to be discovered on Google’s Android apps.

Sound off listed below and let us understand what issues you have actually been handling in any of Google’s Android apps.

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