Team up with a goddess in KonoSuba: Fantastic Days for Android

Journey back into another world as soon as again now that KonoSuba has actually made its method to mobile!

Developers have actually plainly seen the overlap in the Venn diagram in between players and anime enthusiasts, with video games based upon anime ending up being a growing number of common. There are currently many huge competitors on mobile, consisting of Bleach, My Hero Academia, and Yu-Gi-Oh! among others, and now lastly popular anime KonoSuba has actually blasted its method onto the mobile scene with KonoSuba: Fantastic Days.

In comparable style to a lot of its anime-game cousins, KonoSuba: Fantastic Days falls directly into the gacha hero-collector classification. If you have actually played Genshin Impact, Disgaea RPG, or Epic Seven, you’ll recognize with how Fantastic Days plays which’s both a great and bad thing.

One of the most essential things to lead with is that KonoSuba: Fantastic Days was developed to be an extension of the anime, not simply a lazy retelling of occasions that have actually currently occurred. The video game appears to happen after season 2 of the anime, continuing to follow the primary cast of characters — Aqua, Kazuma, Darkness, and Megumin — with a scattering of brand-new characters for great step.

KonoSuba: Fantastic Days has a great deal of love behind it and was crafted to be an extension of the anime, instead of a lazy retelling.

Here’s an extremely fast summary of the anime’s plot: Protagonist and regular shut-in player Kazuma unfortunately dies on the planet we understand, however prior to his spirit proceeds to paradise or reincarnates, he’s used a possibility by a goddess, Aqua, to rather help her in her mission to eliminate back versus an ominous Devil King. He accepts this deal, dragging Aqua in addition to him to a fantastical MMORPG-inspired world of swords and sorcery to beat this fiendish enemy.

Thankfully you do not need to have actually enjoyed the anime to be able to delight in Fantastic Days; the anime is pseudo-baked right into the video game in the kind of the “story” area. After finishing mainline missions, you’ll begin opening memories, which you can view like cutscenes that struck a great deal of the highlights from the anime. It’s not essential that you view these—they can be rather long and there are lots of of them—however you’ll be rewarded with a percentage of in-game currency for seeing them; plus, they’re quite amusing.

One of the most remarkable functions of Fantastic Days is that the video game is completely voice acted from leading to bottom by the initial Japanese voice cast. Cutscenes, fight, character intros, and even fundamental menu interactions are all voice acted, which is an actually good touch to offer a great deal of life to the world and characters. Text remains in English, however the voice acting in totally in Japanese, which might be a plus or minus in your book depending upon your sub vs. dub persuasion.

The graphics are likewise outstanding, with streamlined animations for supreme attacks, splashy character art when rolling banners, cool live 2D character designs for the majority of parts of the video game, and adorable small variations of your celebration and opponents throughout fight, all of which have a great deal of character and beauty.

Combat is one the weaker parts of the video game, with shallow mechanics that reward you to rapidly switch on auto-mode and leave it on.

Speaking of the fight, this is regrettably among the weaker parts of the video game. Turn-based encounters happen in waves, with your own characters and opponents each having the ability to act upon a little timer. When any character’s timer happens and they have the ability to act, you’ll have 4 options for which action you wish to take, all of which are variations of attacks or unique relocations. For example, Darkness has a fundamental melee attack, an expensive sword attack, an unique relocation that provokes opponents to concentrate on her, and a supreme attack. This exact same setup uses to basically every character.

Where the fight loses me remains in the reality that you have no reward to attempt to actively play these encounters yourself. Like most other gacha video games, you have the alternative to switch on auto-mode for fight and speed it up for faster encounters. Because fight happens on timers, auto-mode is quickly the enhanced method to play, which takes all of the enjoyable out of it for me.

Fantastic Days has some terrific lifestyle enhancements in fight, grinding, and even having the ability to avoid the tutorial.

The silver lining to this is that a minimum of Fantastic Days has some terrific quality-of-life enhancements in general. In fight, for instance, you have actually got choices for when your characters will pop off their ults. They can utilize them right away as soon as they develop to them, or they can hold their ults till the last wave of opponents in a chapter, which is generally the most difficult set of baddies. Grinding for particular products or cash is likewise made a lot easier by kindly dispersed avoid tickets. This makes enhancing characters a lot easier and quicker. Plus, the video game even offers you the alternative to avoid the tutorial, which actually all gacha video games ought to a minimum of deal at this moment.

I’ll even state that the drop rates for banners aren’t even bad compared to some other gachas out there. Drop rates for 4-star banners balance out to about 4%, which isn’t too shoddy. Of course, the video game is loaded with choices to buy the paid currency, which you can then invest in banners with much greater (or ensured) drop rates.

KonoSuba: Fantastic Days has a couple of strong points in its favor, however I truthfully can’t see a gamer having the ability to get much worth out of this video game unless they’re fans of the series. The world and characters are what actually bring this video game to life, while the gameplay itself is quite uninspired. Anyone who isn’t a KonoSuba fan ought to check out other totally free Android video games rather.

To me, Fantastic Days feels a lot more like a side-gacha video game that you may bet simply a couple of minutes a day, grind out your dailies, and after that log out and return for unique occasions. You might argue that there are much better gacha video games out there — see Genshin Impact — however Fantastic Days is totally free, the money making isn’t horrible or incredibly in-your-face, the production quality is excellent, and if you’re trying to find more KonoSuba material, then here’s your golden goose.

As a little word of caution, lots of gamers have actually been experiencing persistant login problems and/or video game crashes, neither of which I experienced, however it’s plainly a frequently reported concern. It’s still a young video game though, having actually introduced simply back in August 2021, so there’s still a great deal of capacity for the advancement group to beef things up, continue including more interesting material, and fixing recognized problems.

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KonoSuba: Fantastic Days

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No anime is safe from the gacha treatment

The cherished anime KonoSuba gets a glossy brand-new mobile gacha video game to broaden on its universe. While the gameplay itself might be a little doing not have, the effort and life took into the world and characters make this a beneficial undertaking for fans of the series.

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